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Building a Brewery, Part 1

By Andrew Burns, Head Brewer

It's been a busy couple of weeks over at Chapel Brewing, and we've got some exciting updates for our thirsty (and patient) fans.

About a week and-and-a-half ago, the brewhouse looked like this:

A blank canvas

A blank canvas

With her freshly sealed cement and fresh coat of paint, she was ready to receive a whole truckload of Stainless Steel. Make that two truckloads.

Then began the process of organizing and assembly. Boy am I thankful for every minute spend playing with Lego as a kid, and for every piece of IKEA furniture assembled as an adult. Because it turns out that a brewery is basically just a giant erector set.

So many pipes . . .

So many pipes . . .

It took two solid days of assembly, but everything is in place. The result is a maze of stainless steel pipes, more valves than I dare to count, and three firmly situated brewing vessels. This is my playground:


So what's next?

Now is the time when I hand over my precious baby to someone else (many someones else). It takes a lot of expertise to build a brewery, and I don't have any of it. Over the following weeks, this is what needs to happen.

  • Electrical: Everything needs to be wired, including pumps, motors, and solenoids – and all tied back to the control box.
  • Plumbing: We need water (and sinks, and bathrooms)
  • HVAC: The kettles need burners installed, and venting installed
  • Glycol: Fermenters need to be cooled, and glycol lines need to be run

In some ways that's a short list. In some ways, it's huge. But one thing is for certain. 

It's happening.

Andrew Burns
Head Brewer,
Chapel Brewing